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The Ghost Walk of Zurich specializes in exclusive tours for both corporate and private clients, as well as educational institutions and social clubs.


The tour operates on Thursday and Fridays* at 20:00 from Paradeplatz. Adult Fr15.- / child Fr10.-

No need to book, just turn up on the night.


The Ghost Walk of Zurich has been featured many by Swiss and International newspapers, magazines and radio stations. Watch the ghost walk video, read articles and download a tour leaflet.


“There can be no doubt that genuine ghosts really do appear” - Lewes Lavater (1527-1586),

Anti-Witch Writer of Zurich

Join Dan Dent, your sinister guide, and take a unique walk through the haunted heart of Zurich. There you will hear tales from the city’s bloody past and of the phantoms it has left behind. More...

Are you fascinated by phantoms, struck by the supernatural or grabbed by the ghoulies? If so, then the Ghost Walk of Zurich is a must!

The tour has been winding its way through Zurich’s streets for the past eight years, introducing thousands of people to city’s dark side. No two ghost walks are every quite the same, but your sinister guide will ensure you get just the right mix a gruesome horror, bizarre history and deliciously macabre humour.


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